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NW Fire Blog

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The NW Fire Blog was created in January 2012 by Public Safety Writer/Author L R Swenson, as a tribute to all those involved in the professions of Fire, EMS and First Responders. The blog covers current events, career and training opportunities, stories, and captured moments in time through fire photography.

The blogger has spent over 20 years in the Public Safety sectors, including volunteering with several non-profit Disaster/Wilderness/Urban SAR Dog units, County Search and Rescue Association (has 7 individual units). More recently, she has served two organizations interfacing with local firefighters in the Seattle, Shoreline, Northshore and Bellevue Cities providing fire rehab services, and as a volunteer Fire Photographer. She has seen so many amazing people that have done so many inspiring things that are left untold.

Through our eyes, we admire those who have become our Heroes
through their amazing stories shared, experiences lived, tireless
dedication, and the lives they save every day. They may say they
are not Heroes, but they are just doing their jobs. We call that the
meek and mighty, and we cannot let go of the many sacrifices,
Legacies left behind, and the stories left to be untold. It is why
The NW Fire Blog was created.
” – LR Swenson

As of this date, The NW Fire Blog has received over 41,500 hits since its inception, reaching around the globe to those in Japan, Sweden, Israel, Canada and many more. To find out more about this great site, go to their link at You can also follow them on Twitter (@nwfireblog), Facebook (The NW Fire Blog – publishing page/media) or contact them at

L (Lisa) R Swenson is a Washington State native and is married to best friend/hubby, Eric Swenson of 20 years. She is author of the short story Seattle Mourn, published in Felons, Flames and Ambulance Rides ( July 2013, Oak Tree Press on and has received an Honorable Mention for her short story The Firefighter and The Princess.

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