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Introduction, August 2017 Edition

Welcome to the August 2017 issue of At the Ready magazine! This month? Emerging assets for your agencies. We're talking about Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) and the scoop from our recent trip to the InfoComm17 conference in Orlando this past June.

First up, Drones! But, that's what the media and popular culture calls UAS. We're taking a look at the recent regulation and cultural changes making these valuable resources more available to the field for responder missions. Articles include:UAS for Responders - Now and In the Future by Unmanned Vehicle University, and also The 400 Foot View, written by Riley Land, an EMA director who is also a certified pilot. Riley gives it to us straight - the REAL considerations for adding UAS to your toolkit.

Then, we turn to emerging and commercially available technology that can be adapted for the field. We spent a week at InfoComm17 in Orlando, Florida this past June scouring the Audio/Video integrator's conference (with 40,000 other people) to find creative and innovative tech, considering maturity and durability. Visit the article Spotlight on Technology, for a roundup of what we found. We then take you to a top-level Emergency Operations Command system in TOC at the TOP to discuss the technologies currently available to enable field collaboration and assured communication on scenes. Don't forget to also check out our article on 3D Immersive Technology for Training. 3D has matured and is still growing so check out the video for some pretty neat course ideas!

Finally, we have our regular features, such as At the Region (FEMA Region X) for licensing and reciprocity for your discipline, and At the Resource bringing you information on free training opportunities. Make sure you drop us a line on your thoughts; particularly for new assets for your agency! Our goal is timely and accurate information for enhancing mission effectiveness and safety. We are so glad to be back, publishing monthly, to help keep you At the Ready.

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