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Intro to January 2018 Issue

Happy New Year 2018! As I write this, from our new “headquarters” in Northwest Ohio, it is 4 degrees outside. I am not kidding. It is C-O-L-D. To be fair, the Safer Cold Weather Responses issue has been in the Volume IV editorial calendar since before March of 2017. At the time, however, I had no idea I would be writing from a place with snow on the ground, where cold weather injuries and rescues take place for months every fall and winter.

My favorite EMT instructor (waaaay back when) used to say, “dead heroes can’t save lives” when reminding students about scene safety. He was right, of course. The cold has a way of sneaking up you while working a scene. Adrenaline is pumping, you are in the moment, focused on the victim or the suspect, and you don’t realize 20 minutes have elapsed in the freezing cold...

In this issue, we take on the cold with articles from Brian Duff, Old Man Winter and What to Do About Him, Bob Twoney, Dressing for Cold Weather Search and Rescue Operations, and Robert Avsec, Training Day: Firefighter training exercises for the ice rescue novice. Hypothermia resources and avalanche training information are our focus of At the Resource.

It’s a new year, so we are introducing some new regular features. The first one is, At the Ready Thought Leadership. Each monthly column, penned by Retired Battalion Chief Robert Avsec, will have a timely topic of conversation for Fire and EMS leaders. In this issue, Welcome to At the Ready Thought Leadership! Provides the goals for this new column.

Also for 2018, you may notice some other changes in our format throughout the year, but our content will remain the same high quality you are accustomed to receiving from our magazine. We added a new way for readers to reach out with questions, comments, and suggestions. We want your complaints too! Just drop us a line:

Winter still has a few more months to go. So, stay inside, pour a hot cup of coffee, and enjoy the issue. Wishing you all a great start to 2018. We will be here with you, committed to keeping you At the Ready.
Warmest regards,

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