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Introduction, September 2015 Edition

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Welcome to September. This one marks the 14th year since the terror attacks on 9/11/01. Our thoughts and prayers are with all who were lost, the survivors and the families still affected by that horrific event. As Americans and First Responders, we were all changed by the horrific events of that that day. We honor all of those who serve, and mourn for all who are lost.

We believe that no one deserves higher praise or greater thanks than those who serve. Whether it’s defending our freedoms, our communities, our property, or our lives, our readers get out of bed at 2am to respond to someone else’s emergency. Their families stand by these heroes, persevering through strange shifts, deployments, sleepless nights and stress. These loving supporters’ are mom and dad at graduations and dance recitals, often sharing through the technology miracle of Facetime or skype. At the Ready knows what you have to do, and we recognize your sacrifices with deep gratitude.

We bring this issue with the knowledge that in the last year, being a responder is more dangerous and stressful than ever. In many places you serve in the face of hatred and apathy, protests, ambushes, assaults, and murdered colleagues. And you still get up each day to don the uniform.

At the Ready started with one vision, to be the voice of the Responders far from the city spotlight. Sometimes we are just left speechless by your service and sacrifice. We are deeply in your debt.

With warmest regards,

Dawn, Michelle, Kelsey, William, Dave, and Mike

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