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Introduction, September 2014 Edition

Welcome to September! The dog days of summer are almost behind us. As the weather cools, kids go back to school and fall is a time to stop and take inventory of how quickly much of the year is already gone. We are doing something a little different this month- we are taking stock. For federal agencies, September is the last month of the fiscal year, and many municipalities follow the same schedule. For those agencies on a calendar year fiscal cycle, this is the fourth quarter. Time for planning, budgeting, and assessing where you are, and how to get where you want to be in 2015.

We have articles for your personal life, such as an available guide for families of volunteers, your heart heath, and the transition to retirement (part 2). We have included great ideas for fall training (as the weather cools), and resources that your agency can use at the local level to assess preparedness for an uncommon, but potentially deadly crisis - a food emergency. We also offer some articles to make you think about the future - UAS technology that can arrive on scene before you do.

In a follow on to the articles on acquisition - we are also including information on an opportunity for industry vendors. A Broad Agency Announcement speaks to the types of equipment and technologies that the federal government is looking to develop. Perhaps you know a small business that has already solved a problem. Perhaps after your years of field experience, you have an idea. Please contact us if you need any information on submitting BAAs. They can be a wonderful opportunity to get your technology to the field.

Enjoy the changing of the leaves, the smell of new backpacks, the soon to be available apple cider and pumpkin spiced candles.

   With warmest regards,


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