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Introduction, November 2013 Edition

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Welcome to November! This month? An education survey. No, not a dry list of courses and requirements. We already cover those topics in our monthly At the Region feature. We wanted the real scoop from real responders discussing the expectations, challenges, and experiences that brought them from student to certified professional. If you have ever wondered what it takes to “make” a tactical medic, K-9 handler, paramedic, or firefighter, you can read the first-person views in this issue. If we didn’t cover your position this month, drop me a line and we will in a future issue.

This month, At the Ready also offers another article looking at emerging technology. Our “spotlight” this month is on a military robot transitioning to a new mission, wildland firefighting. We believe that there are many great technologies that could become field assets for first responders. We think it is important to investigate and discuss promising capabilities that can adapt to the first responder mission, increasing efficiency, effectiveness, and safety. We plan to make this a regular feature, so please send in any tech you’d like us to research and discuss!

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving Holiday, and thanks in advance to those working to serve your community and missing that holiday. We will save you some turkey and pie. Stay safe out there.

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