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Introduction, May 2014 Edition

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Welcome to May! In the United States we honor first responders this month through National Police Week (11-18), EMS Week (18-24), and Firefighter’s Day (4th). We can never say it too often or too many times: Thank you for your service.

First Responders dedicate themselves to the human dimension- when tragedy strikes, we cross all political, religious, and sovereign boundaries throughout the world, because responders serve to protect life and property. From this view we are introducing a new feature, the International Responder Spotlight that highlights and honors international responders and how they serve within their communities. Our first feature this month comes from Pakistan, and describes the amazing service of Mr. Ghulam Muhammad Naz, from Muncipal Fire Department Rawalpindi.

Also in this issue, an important article on work/ life balance by Chief (Ret) Robert Avsec, Your Life: The Great Balancing Act, a process for defining “capability gaps” in What’s the Problem? (Introducing the Capability Gap), and our Spotlight on Technology, the XSTAT: an innovative syringe designed to stop bleeding fast by sealing the wound.

This monthly issue is actually delayed a few days due to the severe weather storms that lasted for days sending tornadoes across the country (knocking the power out here at home), set a one day rainfall record in the panhandle of Florida putting Pensacola under water and also flooded parts of the northeast (1). Daring rescues were shown across the national news and the weather channel. Utilities rushed to restore power. The disaster recovery services have started the process of restoring lives. You make a difference. We appreciate all that you do.

   With Warmest Regards,

   1.   USA Today Article on Florida Panhandle Flooding

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