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Introduction, June 2014 Edition

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Ahh.. Murphy’s Law: “Anything that can go wrong, will.” There are a number of “Murphy’s Laws”, and a website dedicated to “All the Laws of Murphy in one Place.” On the site, the submission by Neal Miller captures the essence of Murphy on a first responder scene: “If there is a possibility of several things going wrong, the one that will cause the most damage will be the FIRST to go wrong (1)”It seems that there is no amount of agency or personal training, planning, or preparedness will prevent Murphy from arriving on scene, but leadership, experience, and quick thinking can keep Murphy from taking over the response.

To celebrate the contribution of local first responders, At the Ready Magazine hosted a Ride for the Fallen motorcycle poker run on May 10th in Columbus, GA. The riders were set, the route was cleared, and through the generous volunteer time of local departments, water was set to be distributed at each of the stops. The ride started off without a hitch, then ten minutes in, the unthinkable. A deer (YES, A DEER) ran into one of the motorcycles, taking rider and passenger to the ground. We held our breath and joined hands, waiting for updates, and thankfully, no one was killed. But the rider and passenger were injured, and needed transport to the hospital for broken ribs, road rash and stitches. Murphy had struck, and struck hard. But this was not the end of the story; the Red Knights Motorcycle Club (firefighter club) and other first responders were riding in this event, so there was help immediately on scene, with trained professionals who knew what to do. With their experience and dedication, staying calm and doing what they do every day, the injured were transported quickly, and the bike was towed to the shop. Murphy showed up- but he didn’t win. The riders finished the run, in honor of the rider and passenger.

The articles in this month’s issue will help you mitigate the Murphy. This edition of At the Ready is dedicated to all of you who thwart Murphy on scene at every turn. For you- who react to the unforeseen with professionalism and perseverance, knowing that the call will be “I cannot believe that happened” agency fodder for years to come. Enjoy the issue!!

   With warm regards,


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