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Introduction, June 2013 Edition

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Welcome to the June 2013 issue of At the Ready Magazine. Our focus is Overcoming the Challenges of Training.

Recent tragedies in Boston, Massachusetts, West, Texas, and the Oklahoma City suburb of Moore, Oklahoma, among others, highlight the critical need to stay prepared through currency and continuous training. Maintaining that state of readiness is even more challenging given the constant resource limitations on personnel, equipment, and budgets. In this issue, At the Ready presents articles from departments who are creatively addressing these challenges.

We also offer information on free online training for responders and on building a robust social media system (for free with willing volunteers), while introducing technology considerations that may have seemed out of reach before.

Remember to check our classifieds section—ads are free for responder agencies seeking personnel and equipment—and fundraising strategies and resources.

Due to tremendous response to our premier issue, At the Ready Magazine is moving to a monthly publication. We already have readers in all 50 states and in 23 other countries! Follow us on Facebook to ensure you get our content releases between published issues:

As always, we are here for you. Let us know what you think! We exist to support all who respond. Stay At the Ready.

With Warmest Regards,

Dawn Kennedy
CEO, At the Ready Publications, LLC

"Purchasing Directive - 18-6142
You cannot buy it.
You may build it, borrow it, or steal it -
but you
cannot buy it."

- Door plaque,                      
Rural Station Finance Dept.

Dawn Kennedy is a former Firefighter/ NREMT- Paramedic, who worked in mostly small to mid-sized communities surrounding Tucson, AZ. She left the field in 1997 and moved to Germany as an Army wife. Upon return to the US a few years later, she felt the cruel hand of “no reciprocity” for Paramedics between certain states. She still works today with first responders of all stripes with UNEQ consulting, a company that seeks to identify and test technology to help good equipment and users find each other. She is the CEO of At the Ready Publications, LLC because she saw that rural first responders needed their own platform to share information and address the unique challenges they face. In her spare time, she is a third year law student- but has no plans to chase ambulances after passing the bar. Please contact Dawn at

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