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Introduction, December 2013 Edition

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Welcome to the December edition of At the Ready Magazine, which offers a timely reminder for first responders to use time off to take care of themselves. Manage your stress, keep yourselves healthy for your own sake, for your loved ones’ sake, and for our sake. We need you.

You’ll notice that content is slimmer than usual. The Kennedy family is experiencing a family emergency. You know Dawn Kennedy as primary owner and (often anonymous) voice of ARM through her many articles and interviews. Her husband Mike is a frequent contributor. On November 1, Mike suffered a serious TBI in a fall, while conducting tests in the field. While the earliest prognosis was grave, Mike is making a remarkable recovery. He’s known as “Miracle Mike” at the rehabilitation facility.

A past first responder herself, Dawn writes of her experiences at the receiving end in her At the Impact piece.

Finally, an ARM contributor explores the special challenges to first responders of serving the deaf and hard of hearing.

While you are keeping us safe, as always, keep yourselves safe, too. Happy holidays to you and your loved ones.

Kit McIlroy, Editor, ARM

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