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Introduction, April 2015 Edition

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Welcome to April! At the Ready magazine is kicking off our third year with this “Man Down” issue! We are excited to be back from our short hiatus, and look forward to continuing our mission to be a voice for first responders everywhere!

This month we examine the elusive “man down” call - where we respond to the unknown. Anyone in the field more than 20 minutes knows that this can range from a fall or alcohol issues to a full on code arrest. Look for our articles on Anaphylaxis, Diabetes vs. Drunk, and the Science of Gun Shot Wounds as well as legal updates on DNRs and the “Don’t Run, Call 911” program for overdose reporting.

In other exciting news, our very first At the Ready First Responder Expo is scheduled for FEMA Region IV! Please plan to join us September 11-13, 2015 in Columbus, Georgia at the historic Iron Works Convention and Trade Center. Mark your calendars now; the expo is FREE to attend! We are bringing free training, equipment demonstrations, and lots of other great opportunities for all first responders at this event! Please continue to watch the magazine website for info, registration for attendees will open in June!

Also, remember to use the “subscribe by email” feature to receive our free monthly issue to your inbox. We will never provide your info to anyone else. Thank you for your service, and always stay safe.

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