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Introduction to November 2017

Welcome to November! In this very special issue, we are focusing on Veterans as responders. Many first responders serve in their communities when they leave active duty. In fact, your chief cat herder over here “At the Ready” went from the Navy to Firefighter/ Medic, and served in the first responder field for a number of years. Back in November 2015, we published an article that revealed that in the United States approximately 1 in 4 LEOs, 1 in 5 Firefighters, and 1 in 10 EMTs were veterans. And we cannot forget to highlight that the National Guard has a primary domestic disaster response responsibility in addition to its defense role.

We have amazing First Responder profiles, written by Veterans who made the switch to community first responders. Don’t Miss the first-person articles written by Veterans; From Infantryman to EMT: James Ramey- A Profile in Service, From Infantry to MP to Firefighter to Rescue Tech -A Profile in Service by Sean Page, and An Uncensored Story of Trauma, Substance Abuse, Education, and Redemption by Gregory Fino. We also have information on transitioning from active duty in, From Military to Law Enforcement: A Resource to Ease Transition.

We also address PTSD in this issue. While June is PTSD Awareness month, we know that exposure to trauma, while recognized in the in the military community, occurs on the crime scene, fire scene, medical scene, and over the radio as well. Don’t miss Las Vegas Shooting Underscores Toll of Trauma on First Responders by Mark Lamplugh, and writing for trauma therapy in The Pen is Mightier, by Gregory Fino.

Finally, we have our monthly features The 400 foot view, by Deputy Chief Riley Land, which provides great insight and lessons learned for integrating drones into responder agencies, At the Region, with information on certification and reciprocity for Firefighters, EMS, and LEOs, this month focuses on FEMA Region I (CT, MA, ME, NH, RI, VT), and our At the Resource feature, Active Shooter and Complex Attack Resources, reprinted by permission from the National Volunteer Fire Council.

Veterans Day is almost here, be sure to take a moment to thank those who served in your departments this November 11th. There are likely quite a few Veterans in your ranks. If you are a Veteran, At the Ready thanks you for your service.

Warm Regards,
Dawn Kennedy

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