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National EMS Week 2015: May 17 - 23

by Kaitlyn Lanham

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National EMS week this year is May 17 - 23. National EMS week unites local communities and medical personnel to stress safety and honor the dedication of EMS personnel, who serve on medicines “front-line”. It is presented by the American College of Emergency Physicians (ACEP) in partnership with the National Association of EMTs (NAEMT). The theme for the week is “EMS Strong.” The EMS Strong campaign celebrates, unifies and inspires the men and women of America’s emergency medical services. EMS Strong makes EMS week a year round initiative designed to shine a greater light on EMS among the other health professions. To learn more about EMS strong visit the EMS Strong website here.

The ACEP and NAEMT envision the campaign to drive awareness, interest and excitement about the profession all year round. The focus this year is on stroke.

Available now is the EMS Week 2015 Planning Guides to download in PDF.

The ACEP website has resources available for download that EMS personnel can use leading up to, and during the week. These resources include a proclamation that can be used by local government leadership to issue to the public. Click here to view and print the proclamation.

Other resources from the Stroke Association include:

   •   Information from the Stroke Information Alliance
   •   Patient Education Brochures
   •   Downloadable information sheets from the American Stroke Association that present information in a Q&A format.
   •   An information booklet about starting successful support groups.
   •   Stroke Connection Magazine

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