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National EMS Week 2014, May 18th to 24th - “EMS: Dedicated. For Life”

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National EMS Week has fostered recognition and appreciation of EMS personnel since first established by Gerald Ford in 1974. While the event itself has been rescheduled and reinvented, its message of the importance of emergency service personnel remains as necessary in the present as in its inception 40 years ago. For this year’s events, the American College of Emergency Physicians (ACEP), an organization representing more than 32,000 medical professionals and EMS Week organizer since 1982, will be partnering with the National Association of EMTs (NAEMT) to provide resources and tools to make festivities a success.

National EMS Week Events and Resources

   •   2014 EMS Week Planning Guide – Provided by ACEP, this free guide offers tips, scheduling information, local planning resources, and information on activities such as the “EMS on the Hill” event to promote EMS advocacy. The Guide may be downloaded on the EMS Week page here.

   •   EMS Week Ideas – This site, hosted by NAEMT, includes videos, a wide range of information, and tips on providing recognition for local EMT professionals.

   •   Outreach Activities – This resource section provides flyers, games, activities, and fact sheets divided into sections for adults, teens, and children.

   •   Connect on the event with the EMS Week Facebook page.

Child Safety

   •   Emergency Medical Services for Children (EMSC) Day – Wednesday, May 21st

   •   EMS Week – Child safety guides are available here.

   •   EMS Week Fun for Kids packet is available here.

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