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Financial Burdens on Volunteer Fire Departments Inspire Charity Efforts

by Amy LaVange
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New non-profit raises funds to begin building and refurbishing firetrucks

Cedar Valley, UT   -   In light of increasing financial demands on volunteer fire departments nationwide, Utah local entrepreneur and volunteer firefighter Trenton Weekes announced today the launch of his IndieGoGo fundraising campaign. Beginning on Thanksgiving (November 28th 2013), the campaign will fund and drive charity efforts to build and refurbish various types of trucks and apparatus for struggling volunteer fire departments across the United States.

Decreasing budgets and the rising cost of operations, alongside increases in the frequency of emergency calls, are major contributors to the growing financial burden for volunteer fire departments. Trucks built and refurbished due to the campaign’s efforts will allow departments to use scare resources typically reserved for truck maintenance and acquisition to instead provide increased training, better supplies, and new protective equipment.

The campaign will go live on Thanksgiving 2013, at which time the following link: will become active. The campaign will run for 45 days ending on January 11th of 2014, when work will begin in earnest on the first of what is expected to be many trucks to be built and donated.

“The success of the campaign relies on the efforts and contributions of everyone, and that they share it with their friends and family”, says campaign founder Trenton Weekes. “At this important and critical time there is a huge need to rally behind the cause and ensure that our firefighters get the help they need, so they can respond when it's our turn to call 911.”

After the completion of the IndieGoGo campaign, Metal of Honor will file for its 501(c)3 status and become a nationally recognized tax exempt nonprofit.

About Metal of Honor:

Metal of Honor is a deep and resounding passion for Trenton. When he was younger, firefighters were one of his chief role models. Their courage, determination, and sacrifice inspired him to work hard and become a volunteer firefighter himself. As part of the fire service, he's seen some concerning trends for the safety of America and her citizens.

Fire departments’ budgets are being cut each year, emergencies are increasing in their frequency, and the cost of responding to these emergencies is getting steeper. When firefighters are put into the dangerous position of using outdated and damaged equipment simply because they have no other choice, Trenton believes we have an obligation to step forward and render aid.

The frightening circumstances have caused Trenton to reevaluate the direction he was headed in. He abandoned the corporate dream of a corner office and big paycheck to trade it in for long hours and hard work, dedicating his life to helping his fellow firefighters be able to respond more adequately – and safely – to emergencies.

The website for the charity can be found at
where people can donate to the charity, volunteer their time and talents, and even nominate departments they feel deserve to receive one of these rigs.

The efforts of the charity will be documented and presented to the public in an entertaining and informative web series on the same website.

To learn more about this effort, contact Trenton Weekes.

Trenton Weekes
Project Manager
Mobile: ( 801 ) 473 - 1985

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