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Welcome to the September 2017 Issue

Welcome to September! This month, marks the 16th Anniversary of the 9/11 terror attacks in the United States. In this issue, we are discussing the threat terrorism makes to our communities and our responses. It seems that terrorism is escalating globally, and the threat has been evolving. No longer just “car bombs,” attacks have included the use of knives and machetes, driving commercial trucks (Lorries) into crowds of people, and mass shootings. Sadly, these attacks can be seen globally on a near daily basis.

We have articles this month that discuss the Psychology of Terrorism in Underpinnings of Violence and Terror, the threat to responders in Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing, and a look at a pressing field question, Do EMS and Fire Responders Need Body Armor? Then Check out our Spotlight on Technology: Griffin Command Board, with videos on this great incident command software capability developed by a Firefighter with 15 years in the field. And our free training article, At the Resource, with courses (available internationally) on Terrorism and WMD responses.

We also have an Op-Ed, Who is the Real Terrorist? from Chief Robert Avsec comparing the real cost of the war on terror vs the real cost of equipping our fire service. We invite your responses to this thought provoking piece, please shoot us an email at dkennedy @ or submit your thoughts through the “have an article” page.

Have a safe September. Our thoughts and prayers are with all of the people affected by Hurricane “Harvey” in Texas and Louisiana, and as I write this, another hurricane, “Irma,” is headed for the East Coast of the U.S. Thank you to the thousands of responders volunteering to help. You have proven that when the call comes, at a moment’s notice, you are At the Ready.

   Warmest Regards,

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